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Montpellier Therapeutic Allotments, Gloucester

The Montpellier allotment is the perfect example of what can be achieved with some creativity, drive and determination. The allotment site has been transformed in the past 12months- led by an occupational therapist into a space that… Read more »

Yewdale SafeDoor 2

In mental health facilities, a large number of inpatient suicides involve ensuites because they provide enough privacy and time between checks to create a ligature. Traditional solid bathroom doors are commonly used as a ligature point, which… Read more »

Nobi Smart Lamp

As we age, there is an increasing risk of falling: one in three +65 falls at least once a year. For 65+, falls are the leading cause of death by injury. People with dementia fall twice as… Read more »

Kosmos by Kingsway Group

Kosmos is a revolutionary new system supporting effective management of door related ligature risk in mental health environments. Research in the UK and US identified that more than 50% of all self-harm attempts including a ligature took… Read more »