Mark Rowe


Penoyre & Prasad


Whether addressing healthcare, education, S&T, or residential briefs, and increasingly the hybridisation of some or all of these, he always seeks to challenge orthodoxies, think creatively, and speak frankly to the realities of both commercial imperatives and lived experiences.

Mark’s projects consistently explore how, through design, we can build beautiful places, deliver value in its widest sense, and minimise our collective impact on the planet, to that end recently qualifying as an accredited Passivhaus Designer.

Keen to share his broad experience and knowledge, Mark teaches, reviews, and currently chairs the NLA Expert Panel for Healthcare. Away from the practice, he holds a number of Non-Exec positions, including with Reach2 Multi Academy Trust and Freightliners City Farm, reflecting his deep interest in the issues of education, community engagement and social mobility.

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