Andrew Carnegie

Managing Director

Air Sentry Limited


Andrew started in electrical engineering followed by Audiology at Queen Alexandra NHS Trust, Portsmouth.  Trained in broad physiological measurements, including cardiology, neurophysiology, ultrasound and respiratory function he went on to head up the Audiology service at Great Ormond Street hospital. He initiated a diagnostic service in Harley Street before specialising in life support. In 1992 he launched Kreuzer UK, pioneering the use of service delivery pendants resulting in the change of HBN27 to HBN57.

Kreuzer installed 50% of the UK’s ICU areas and around 30% of operating areas during this time.

During this period he noted issues around clinical ventilation and developed Air Sentry to help to resolve these between 2000-2007.

Today Air Sentry systems are widely used within the NHS and he is a contributor to “NHS Estates Technical Bulletin (NETB 2023/01A): application of HEPA filter devices for air cleaning in spaces: guidance and standards” that enables use in clinical areas.

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