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Help Me to Help Myself

We are all the experts on ourselves. Ideally, we need to stay within our homes and communities. However, if a facility is needed it needs to feel comfortable and the person needs the space and opportunity to learn who they are. Let’s be open to the idea that western psychiatry is not necessarily the right… Read more »

Healthy Density – Creating Calm Amongst Chaos

The provision for quality mental health facilities within our urban environments is a challenge many of our healthcare providers face. As our cities grown in scale and population, so do the mental health needs of residents – but how can we provide therapeutic, healing environments amongst the noise, chaos, and commotion of our urban settings?… Read more »

Challenging Assumptions: Making a Success of Multi-Storey Mental Health

‘HBN 03-01 Adult mental health units: planning and design’ states that ‘Ground floor ward accommodation is recommended’ but does not provide any further qualification. In this presentation, Mark will discuss principles and assumptions, drawing on a range of case studies that explore approaches to ground floor and multi-storey mental health accommodation, to test this statement…. Read more »

KEYNOTE: Designing a Digital Pathway for Severe Mental Illness

Designing a Digital Pathway for Severe Mental Illness This design took place in an inner London borough with the 3rd highest rate for severe mental illness in England. It was driven by feedback from people with lived experience of severe mental illness, who highlighted absence of care plans and support post discharge from secondary care…. Read more »

Sensory Friendly Wards

Funding has been given by NHS England to make inpatient wards more therapeutic for people on the autistic spectrum. Many autistic people have sensory difficulties, where they are over-sensitive or under-sensitive to the world around them. The project is intended to focus on four wards to create change which can be applied across the remaining… Read more »

Community Crisis Care: Prototyping Subacute Crisis Units on a National Scale

On July 16th 2022, the 988 Crisis Hotline will activate, allowing a nationwide network of crisis centers & support facilities across America to respond in concert. With the funding provided by the Behavioral Crisis Services Expansion Act, among other bills recently passed and soon to be signed, we’ve prototyped design and planning approaches for the… Read more »

Designing for Neurodiversity

We design our built environment and the places we inhabit to meet a series of technical standards, developed to accommodate diversity through built form and to provide spaces that support physical ability, motor, visual and auditory impairments. In developing truly inclusive environments, we need to support the mind and the needs of people who experience… Read more »