The second theme for the Call for Presentations is:

Collaboration and Partnership Innovation

With the ever-growing demands on healthcare services we have seen a shift change in collaborative working between Acute and Mental Health providers in areas such as RAID, A&E Liaison, Dementia, CAMHS, Community MDT’s and Psychological Therapies.

We would like to see examples from the acute sector of collaborative working resulting in environments designed to be both functional and mental health friendly, for example, rooms within an A&E or community setting offering a therapeutic and calming area for treatment of those presenting with mental health problems.

Are you involved in implementing projects which support population mental health, or creating new pathways between primary and secondary care, or working with new partners e.g. in education or research.

  • How are providers navigating the complexity of the task?
  • How are integrated care systems working?
  • What is the value of translational research?
  • Any pilot studies/ projects to share?

Golden threads required for all conference presentations:

  • Promotion of Health and Wellbeing
  • Equality
  • Sustainable and Technological solutions

Please submit a 300-word abstract summarising the contents and main points of your proposed presentation. Presentations discussing a project or case study in a mental health setting should be submitted by the mental health provider, who should be the main speaker in the piece, with the contractor / architect / consultant etc., as the supporting speaker where required. This will be the key factor in presentations being accepted by the advisory group.

  • All presentations must be presented in English.
  • Presentations should be submitted under the name and with the contact details of the person intending to present them at Design in Mental Health 7-8 June 2023,Coventry Building Society Arena.
  • More than one presentation may be submitted by companies or individuals, but each presentation should be a separate submission.
  • Presentations will be selected on the basis of quality, originality and relevance to the Conference theme.
  • The Conference Committee cannot accept marketing-derived presentations, or those seeking to promote an individual, company, product or service.