Custodial Seminars

09:30 - 10:30

Keynote: HMP Stirling – Therapeutic and Trauma Informed Approaches to Custodial Design

HMP & YOI Stirling is a groundbreaking new custodial facility for Women in custody in Scotland. The design is heavily focus on mental wellbeing and a trauma informed approach to design, creating a therapeutic environment with landscape and nature at its core. The presentation seeks to explain the ethos behind the concept design, how the brief has been developed with input from key stakeholders throughout the design process, how the design of the completed facility creates a wellbeing focused environment, and attempts to offer some anecdotal evidence on positive outcomes from occupants and the wider community.



11:00 - 11:30

Delivering Mental Health Care in The Prison Estate – Where Are We And Where Are We Going?

There are high rates of both physical and mental health issues within the prison population. Rates of mental illness and poor physical health are disproportionately higher amongst prisoners.  National policy, legislation and strategies relating to prison healthcare are based on the principle of equivalence, with those incarcerated requiring equal access to a range of health care interventions.

Prisons, by their very nature are often challenging environments to deliver safe and effective healthcare.  At times, prisoners require transfer to hospital.

This presentation will look at delivering clinically safe healthcare in the prison estate, barriers to safe delivery and how future delivery can be supported.  It will consider national guidance on the safe transfer of prisoners to hospital and how future policies can improve access to healthcare for prisoners.


  • Laura Woods Consultant Nurse, Independent Prescriber Responsible Clinician, Forensic Healthcare Services - Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
11:30 - 12:00

Tuning into Mental Wellbeing

James Adamson & Kate Netten will introduce you to the innovative and successful National Prison Radio campaign ‘Sorry to Interrupt your Day’. Through the medium of National Prison Radio, the campaign took an innovative approach using soundscaping and foley sounds. These were layered with prisoner voices to get key evidence-based messages to prisoners about what can help their wellbeing. In the words of Freddie Mercury and Queen – “You had your time, you had the power. You've yet to have your finest hour”. Well “Sorry to Interrupt your Day” might just be it!


  • Kate Netten Evidence Specialist - HMPPS Evidence Based Practice Team
  • James Adamson Senior Manager, Mental Health Lead - HM Prison & Probation Service