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Testing for Covid-19 is about to become a way of life until a vaccine is available.

The Covid-19 Testing Booth is intended to make the process as simple and safe as possible for both the patient and the tester. Use of the booth reduces the amount of disposable PPE required and enables a quick turnaround of patients.

Designed to be sited in specific testing locations or positioned outside A&E rooms, shopping centres or supermarkets the inherent safe operation process enables the booth to be safely sited anywhere.

Safer for the Patient Safer for You
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Safety Benefits
The Covid-19 Testing Booth gives critical additional safety to our Front Line NHS testers allowing them to stay behind a protective barrier. Offering more than regular PPE, the booth prevents patients coughing or breathing directly onto NHS staff.
Testers take the samples within a protected environment whilst maintaining friendly face-to-face contact. Testing using the booth is safer than drive-in car testing as staff are not leaning into an enclosed potentially contaminated car environment.

Practical Benefits
Hundreds of patients per day can be tested with a very quick turnaround time between patients. The testers do not need to change PPE between testings to prevent cross-contamination. The booths are easy to disinfect inside and out with smooth surfaces, minimal seams and edges. Optional antimicrobial paint can be specified. The booths are delivered ready to use manufactured from a durable powder coated steel construction.

Costing Benefits
Reduced PPE changes to prevent cross-contamination reduces the amount of PPE waste and relieves pressure on PPE demand. Staff costs per patient will be lower due to the higher numbers of patients that can be processed per day. Testing at the booths keeps patients away from cost intensive facilities such as A&E and doctors surgeries. Booths can be set up outside traditional medical facilities to remove the possibility of contaminating the hospital or surgery.
Made in the U.K.
Safer for the Patient Safer for You

Options & Types:
The basic booth type is designed to be used in heated or air conditioned environments.
Booth Type 1: As pictured with LED internal light.
Booth Type 2: As Above plus HEPA filtered fan creating a positive pressure inside the booth.

Where the booth is to be sited externally, options include:
Heating, Air Conditioning, Simple Air Circulation Fan, All Stainless Steel Construction, Communication Headset with External Speaker, Wheels & Grab Handles, Internal Double Socket, Antimicrobial Paint, Choice of any RAL Paint Colour, Lettering to your Trusts Identity, Compact Version to access via smaller door widths, Insulated Walls.
For export the booth can be flat-packed and palletised for transport

1. One member of staff stands outside the booth. The second member of staff enters the booth wearing their PPE including normal disposable gloves.
2. The inner member of staff places their arms into the long armed booth gloves.
3. Maintaining the 2m rule the staff member outside the booth greets the patient.
4. The outside staff member fills in the name of the patient on the swab kit.
5. The outside staff member places the swab kit on the booth shelf for the inside staff member to use.
6. The inside staff member swabs the patient and places the swab in the swab kit.
7. The patient moves away after being safely swabbed.
8. The outside staff member collects the swab kit from the shelf to despatch to the laboratory for analysis.
9. The outside staff member disinfects the gloves and wipes down the screen for the next patient.
10. Repeat.
11. At the end of the shift the inside of the booth is wiped down for the next member of staff to take over.
12. The booth gloves can be turned inside out to be disinfected on both sides.