Sponsortype: Concept Product Innovation of the Year

Kosmos by Kingsway Group

Kosmos is a revolutionary new system supporting effective management of door related ligature risk in mental health environments. Research in the UK and US identified that more than 50% of all self-harm attempts including a ligature took… Read more »

Hygipod Tough by Trovex

Trovex has a history of innovation in the healthcare space. Introducing the original Hygipod IPS to acute healthcare providers around 10 years ago, the system has now been utilised by over 50% of NHS Trusts. The original… Read more »

Balco SoftDispenser

The Balco SoftDispenser was borne from discussions with NHS mental health professionals around their biggest risks. There is very little available which is reduced ligature, where the breakaway part doesn’t increase the weapons risk. Using our machinery… Read more »