Speaker Group: Conference 2024

Michael Leahy

Michael Leahy is an artist and researcher in psychology. He is working on an NIHR funded project examining the efficacy of digital gamification programme designed to enhance wellbeing in children.

Mark Rowe

Whether addressing healthcare, education, S&T, or residential briefs, and increasingly the hybridisation of some or all of these, he always seeks to challenge orthodoxies, think creatively, and speak frankly to the realities of both commercial imperatives and lived experiences. Mark’s projects consistently explore how, through design, we can build beautiful places, deliver value in its… Read more »

Lienelle Geldenhuys

Lienelle has 17 years’ experience working on healthcare projects in both the UK and Ireland. She brings a working knowledge of best practice standards as well as current trends for healthcare design. Lienelle is currently the co-design lead for the new Cambridge Children’s Hospital. With mental and physical health services alongside biomedical research facilities under… Read more »

Samantha Robinson

Currently working as a clinical lead for the New Warneford Park development, Oxford Health NHS Foundation trust. A mental Health Nurse with 37 years of experience working as both a clinician with a background in adult inpatient and community care and as an operational manager, managing clinical services in Adult mental health and Forensic services…. Read more »

Lloyd Griffiths

Lloyd Griffiths is a registered mental health nurse with over 25 years’ experience. Lloyd has worked extensively in adult mental health nursing and has been a ward manager, senior nurse and lead nurse in areas such as Psychiatric Intensive Care (PICU), Adult Inpatient services and Crisis Resolution Home Treatment (CRHT). In September 2021 he was… Read more »

William PC Wang

William is an architect and a healthcare researcher. His research in healthcare focuses in mental health care, informed partly by the Master of Research degree in Healthcare and Design and partly by his professional practice. William is also an associate with the Design in Mental Health Network. As an architect, William began working in the… Read more »