Phil Tottman

Head of Development

Book of Beasties


Phil is the co-founder of Book of Beasties Ltd. Creators of the multi award winning Mental Wellness Card Game. Graduating from UWL with a B.A Hons in Broadcast Journalism he went on to write for media companies Bauer, Newbay and Incisive before eventually diverting his focus on solo projects with illustrator Tom Dryland and designer/wife Nadia De Kuyper.

During his time as a writer he travelled to Namibia with the charity Unicef where he discovered an ambition to work with children and young people. 

After having to postpone a much sought after career in journalism to focus on his mental health, a struggle which led to him to being homeless for a period of time, Phil vowed to dedicate himself to helping young people better understand their own and their friend’s mental health and wellbeing.

Since developing Book of Beasties, Phil and the Book of Beasties team have worked with many psychologists, teachers, and specialists to support children’s mental wellness through play, creativity and storytelling.

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