Oisin Bishenden

Chief Executive Officer

Book of Beasties Ltd.


I am the CEO of Book of Beasties and an Ex-Teacher, having completed my PGCE through Roehampton University; by taking this. and my academic knowledge as an Economic Science graduate from the University of Manchester, along with the practical front line understanding of the classroom I developed I look to effect positive change in the wider Education Sector.

All through my teaching practice (and my private tutor work since the age of 16) I have worked with pupils who face a wide range of outside circumstances that lead to a need for increased support in the classroom. This lead me first to support Book of Beasties as a consultant before taking the role of CEO, a provider of award winning mental health intervention solutions for schools. I plan through the vision I have developed for this company to take our unique interventions from psychologist accredited to fully verified (with a pilot study complete with UWL and a full validation study underway) whilst supporting the exponential growth of its market share to make a positive impact on as many students as possible.

As an Education Adviser for GL Assessment I support multi-academy trusts in maximising the effectiveness of assessment policy by providing consultancy, training and implementation support on their use of our wide range of assessment tools. From the whole trust view down to the individual student and the CEO all the way to the Classroom Teacher; a job well done is one where I have made GL work for the education professional by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to provide the best possible education experience for each of their students.

On first leaving teaching I wanted to build my knowledge of the political landscape in which Education policy must naturally develop. Given this, I took a role in the political sector as a Campaign Manager beyond providing me with a wide knowledge of UK politics this proved highly successful for myself and the area I managed; the 2018 election in Wandsworth was considered in the media un-winnable by my party even up to election night but through effective strategy, the correct allocation of resources, hard work and an amazing team of volunteers/councillors etc. we pulled a victory so significant I was received a personal letter of thanks from the Prime Minister (I now maintain a smaller political presence in a voluntary capacity as the Deputy Director of an Irish Diaspora group).

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