Nick Smith

Missing Peace Wellness and Support


After a childhood full of neglect, abuse and violence, I developed my own demons. I tried ending my life at 19 and went into hospital. Most of my 20s were spent drunk and in and out of therapies. In 2011 at age 32, I lost hope of being a decent dad to my five year old daughter and planned to end my life again. I was admitted to Lynfield Mount hospital, where I felt I had no personality, and I didn’t know what to do. I felt I had no help in hospital; My treatment did more harm than good and we put in a complaint. Finally I went home hoping I’d never get put into hospital again.

Due to my complaint, I was invited to talk to my local care trust about my experiences. I helped the patient experience team and eventually became a public governor for my local area. I now have my own mental health community interest company, Missing Peace Wellness and Support, aiming to reduce the amount of people who need a psychiatric hospital. I’m confident I’ll never go back into hospital; I’m happy and in control. I believe others can get to that state too.

People undoubtedly need psychiatric services, clinics and psychiatric hospitals to keep them safe. I’m passionate about these spaces being as safe, comfortable and as inspiring as they should be.

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