Matthew Harvey

Corporate Account Director

Borg & Overström


Matthew is a key shareholder at Borg & Overstrom, a leading manufacturer of premium water dispensers specialising in advanced hygiene solutions. With a distinguished career spanning nearly two decades in the water purification and hygiene industry, Matthew brings a wealth of expertise and strategic vision to the company.

Matthew’s journey with Borg & Overstrom began in 2006, when he identified a growing market need for high-quality, hygienic water dispensers in both residential and commercial sectors. His commitment to excellence and innovation has been instrumental in positioning Borg & Overstrom as a trusted name in the industry.

Before joining Borg & Overstrom, Matthew held several senior leadership roles in prominent companies within the office refurb and fit out sector. His extensive experience includes product development, market expansion, and operational efficiency, all of which have contributed to his success in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

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