Joh Bates

Landscape Architect & Director

Farrer Huxley Associates, London


Joh Bates is a landscape architect and Director at Farrer Huxley. Her horticultural expertise has been developed through more than 10 years of dedicated practice in the field. Having completed a horticultural apprenticeship, and worked both in a plant nursery and as a gardener, her approach to the environment is as practical as it is sensitive. She went on to train as a landscape architect, firm in the belief that the design and aesthetic of the external world has a fundamental effect on our mental and physical health. Joh runs projects that prioritise well-being through design – ranging from a care-home garden for dementia patients, to a 2000+ unit urban estate regeneration scheme. Farrer Huxley have carried out projects in some of the most deprived parts of the country: places that are rife with anti-social behaviour, and mental and physical health issues. The practice specialises in the engagement of communities and hard to reach groups in these areas. It is clear that the world beyond the window plays an instrumental part in people’s life quality, and so, Joh advocates design that embeds nature and well-being within the built-environment.

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