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Francis Murdock Pitts, FAIA, buys his groceries by serving as the Managing Principal of architecture+, a 40-ish person collective pretending to be a capitalist organization.

architecture+ has been named a ‘Best Place to Work’ in New York’s Capital Region for each of the past nine years.   Architect magazine ranked architecture+ as number 32 in their listing of the top 50 firms in the USA on the basis of business and cultural practices.

Mr. Pitts has earned a small reputation for his skills in designing libraries (he’s an avid reader) and for his work with facilities designed for the mentally ill, developmentally disabled, and criminally insane (to know him is to understand why).  Postponing the onset of a (now late) midlife crisis, Mr. Pitts has served as the President of the AIA’s Academy of Architecture for Health and the American College of Healthcare Architects.  He recently served as National Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. In 2018, Frank was named the Changemaker Award Recipient by the Centre for Health Design.

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