Dalia Shilony

Interior Designer


‘Dalia Shilony Interior Design’

Graduate of the Department of Interior Design and Architecture at the College of Management.
Graduate of M.Sc. At Tel Aviv University.
Been practicing interior design and architecture since 1995.

Our office specializes in Mental Health Centers, Forensic Wards, Autistic Villages and elderly housing complexes.

Design of psychiatric hospitals and mental health centers-

I am proud to take part in the reform promoted by the Ministry of Health in the Mental Health System.
Currently we’re inaugurating the new design that our office has planned for two active wards in the biggest hospital in Israel, which has 433 beds. Out of listen and respect to the patients and thinking about the small moments of everyday life the old space with the depressing “hospital” feeling was turned into a warm and bright recuperation space.
The project have reached the final stage of ‘Design Awards’ competition.
Our office is planning also, 2 wards in ‘Eitanim’ Mental Health Center in Jerusalem.
Another challenge of our office is planning the Forensic Ward at ‘Shahar-Menase’ Mental Health Center in Israel.


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