Session 3: Innovative Environments

Time: 09:50 - 10:40

Date: Day 1 - 24 August


Andrea Harman
Living at home with dementia, community accessibility and engagement.   

In the UK most people with dementia will live the majority of their lives at home.  Generally, the focus of support to enable them to do this is based around adaptations to housing and providing personal care. However, home and place is about so much more than the house we live in. It is also strongly linked to maintaining experiences, friendships and engagement within the community.  

This presentation demonstrates how the theory around accessible spaces for people living with dementia transfers into real world engagement within the community. It includes the successes and challenges we found in my local community and the creative ways we used to engage people in learning more about dementia and about making their spaces more accessible.   

  • Discuss the importance of home in helping maintain physical and mental health
  • Learn about some of the physical and cognitive changes affecting a person living with dementia and how they affect interaction with the built environment
  • Acknowledge some of the challenges we faced in engagement and how we met these in different and unusual ways.
  •  Key adaptations that encouraged use



  • Joe Forster Chair Emeritus - Design in Mental Health Network

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