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Tuning into Mental Wellbeing

James Adamson & Kate Netten will introduce you to the innovative and successful National Prison Radio campaign ‘Sorry to Interrupt your Day’. Through the medium of National Prison Radio, the campaign took an innovative approach using soundscaping and foley sounds. These were layered with prisoner voices to get key evidence-based messages to prisoners about what… Read more »

DrawnOut! Mental Health Sketch Workshop

This interactive workshop revolves around the stories of an architectural designer and her lived experience and a healthcare planner whose family experienced a loved one in crisis and the ripple effect on their lives. Through the lens of sketching of the inpatient psychiatric units both experienced as both patient and visitor, they share best practices… Read more »

Design for All

Altro and Floyd Slaski Architects have been working together in the last year to look at how to innovate the product selection process to help and identify Neurodiverse-friendly and Dementia-friendly palette of products on the basis of evidence based researches. Altro has been running a series of successful workshops on ‘Design for All’ and neurodiversity… Read more »

Redefining Assistive Equipment as Personalized Empowerment Tools

Introduction: The intersection of design and mental health is a realm of immense potential. In today’s world, assistive equipment is often associated solely with functionality and healthcare. However, this workshop aims to challenge this paradigm by shifting the focus from creating mere devices to crafting personalized, user-centric solutions that foster a profound emotional connection between… Read more »

It’s No Fun Getting Older

In this interactive workshop we help designers experience the world from the perspective of an older person and one who is living with dementia. Using aids including a gerontology ageing suit and prompts (including feeding attendees chocolate) we explore how we experience and navigate buildings and complete tasks when our body and mind are receiving… Read more »