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Patient Empowerment with Built-in Safety  

Mental health inpatient environments are continually evolving.  Whether it’s revised clinical practices, advanced technology or updated guidance, ultimately the common purpose always remains the same – to save lives.  This is exactly the objective that drives the development of Safehinge Primera’s products and their latest innovation – the electronic Integrated Override Lockset – is no exception.

Working alongside mental healthcare providers and listening to feedback from experts by lived experience, clinical staff, estates teams and architects, Safehinge Primera set out to design a lockset that empowered patients whilst allowing staff to gain emergency access as quickly as possible – without the use of a toolkit.

Safehinge Primera’s existing electronic lockset – the 5-way SOS – empowers patients with the independence to lock and unlock their bedroom doors whilst staff can gain emergency access using the toolkit provided.  Whilst it was recognised that the toolkit was necessary, feedback from clinical staff highlighted that they would prefer a lockset that didn’t require the toolkit.

The new Integrated Override Lockset has all of the same benefits as the 5-way SOS – but with the fundamental benefit of built-in emergency override.  With the release of the built-in emergency lever, the lock is mechanically overridden; allowing fast and reliable access for clinical staff in just five seconds – no toolkit required.

The lockset will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for clinical staff to get into patients’ bedrooms and enable them to respond to emergencies as quickly as possible. It’s this critical time-saving feature that could indeed be lifesaving.

Patient empowerment with built-in safety:

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