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Considering colour for care home flooring Colour has an important part to play when it comes to flooring in care homes – from enhancing wellbeing and improving mood, to wayfinding, safety and fall prevention, says Joe Hurst, Altro’s Key Account Manager for Social Care There is no doubt that aesthetics and design have a huge… Read more »

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EBook: Your Guide To Anti-Ligature When planning the construction or refurbishment of a space within a mental health environment-or anywhere that occupies vulnerable individuals-it is essential that measures are put in place within the design process to reduce ligature risks. This document is aimed to educate anyone involved in the design and specification of a… Read more »

EBook: A Guide To Colour Psychology Colour can be used strategically within children’s hospitals, SEN schools, mental health and any care-based facility to support the interior design of a space, as well as reducing anxiety and supporting the healing process. This guide aims to explore the use of colour through a scientific and psychological perspective,… Read more »

Contour LST and anti-ligature radiators & guards: An information guide for healthcare specifiers When specifying radiators and guards, a number of factors must be considered in order to provide the best possible solution to the end-user. Characteristics such as anti-microbial protection, efficient cleaning properties and a low surface temperature should be closely regarded in such… Read more »

SteroPOD from Kingsway Group Kingsway Group joins the fight against Covid-19 with SteroPOD SteroPOD is the modular sanitary airlock that is placed around a isolation room to create a safe and controlled environment with two delineated areas for staff to put on clean PPE and then safely dispose of soiled PPE to reduce the risk… Read more »

The reason for mental health spaces being branded ‘institutional’ and ‘prison-like’ are often due to security considerations which whilst are needed no longer need to be a barrier to good design – Kingsway Group with their Signature range explain why. The care environment is proven to assist with aiding recovery – whilst good design on… Read more »

Anti-barricade concerns: what we learned from you

Testing for Covid-19 is about to become a way of life until a vaccine is available. The Covid-19 Testing Booth is intended to make the process as simple and safe as possible for both the patient and the tester. Use of the booth reduces the amount of disposable PPE required and enables a quick turnaround… Read more »