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Company Profile

VISTAMATIC® is the leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, manually operated privacy glass vision panels used globally in many sectors. VISTAMATIC® offer a wide range of triple-glazed viewing panels suitable for all healthcare including a specific range of products designed for mental health environments from low to high security.

The VISTAMATIC® anti-ligature vision panel is designed in accordance with the Department of Health guidelines offering a combination of high integrity glazing whilst incorporating a stainless steel frame and anti-ligature device and features the VistaGlide™ IAS (Impact Absorption System), providing silent operation. The durable reliability of a Vistamatic® vision panel is endorsed by a Lifetime warranty*.

In addition Vistamatic's newest product is the BetweenGlassBlinds, a cordless integral blind system, free from ligature risk and offering a viewing area on a much larger scale than our Vistamatic Vision range.

BetweenGlassBlinds Panels are hermetically sealed eliminating the accumulation of dust, dirt and debris and providing not just light control but a high level of privacy, optimised hygiene, excellent acoustic insulation, cord-free anti-ligature safety and they require no maintenance.

the units are available in different options, tilt only and tilt & lift are operated by discrete magnetic controls that run on slim tracks on the front face of the unit. The other option is our Motorised BetweenGlassBlinds Units, they are first patented system with wireless actuator with magnetic transmission. It doesn't require hard wiring and is applicable to nay thickness of glass.

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