Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Stand: 506

Contact Name: Andrea Harman
Telephone: 01256 850977
Address: Old Brick Kiln, Ramsdell, Tadley, RG26 5PP, United Kingdom

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Of all the senses, hearing is the one that has the most significant impact on people with dementia in terms of quality of life - The Social Care Institute for Excellence

Research has established the associations between hearing loss and dementia meaning many people with dementia have hearing loss. Ageing often affects hearing, with a progressive loss of the ability to hear high frequency sound. Hard surfaces such as glass and other building materials reflect sound around a room increasing reverberation and noise levels. In busy, spaces it is often difficult to understand speech.
In addition dementia often affects a person’s ability to filter sound and many become extremely noise sensitive. Therefore noise becomes confusing, reduces concentration, interrupts sleep and leads to anxiety, frustration and social isolation.
Some improvements include the addition of sound absorption via sound absorbing ceilings, wall panels and artwork to reduce reverberation, help lower background noise levels and improve speech clarity. Acoustic zoning helps keep noisy spaces and activities away from quiet ones and sound insulation is important in stopping noise transfer between rooms. It is also important to remember that sound maybe beneficial so a balance between people, activity and space should always be sought.

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