Stand: 402

Telephone: 01865 781343
Email: info@oxehealth.com
Website: https://www.oxehealth.com
Address: Sadler Building, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4GE,

Company Profile

Oxehealth more time in time.
Oxehealth gives you more time for hands on care where and when it’s needed most. An assistant for when you can’t be there, paying attention to every room.

Our unique technology supports clinicians and staff to provide improved patient care and risk management through entirely non-contact health and human activity monitoring.
Oxehealth works across mental health pathways from complex dementia care in Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership trust to secure PICU ward seclusion in South West London St Georges.
The system immediately alerts staff if a patient’s safety is compromised, reducing risk. Medical grade accuracy contact free vital sign observations give staff information without the need to disturb patients and risk associated with traditional physical health observations. We also provide activity reports with additional information which integrate seamlessly into current workflows allowing better informed clinical judgements and care interventions.

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