Stand: 403

Telephone: 01684 219000
Address: 8 Beauchamp Business Centre, Sparrowhawk Close, Malvern, WR14 1GL,

Company Profile

Metrasens is the leading global provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies, with our products protecting people and places in 46 countries. Our Proscreen200 search system is designed specifically to provide mental health facilities with affordable and vastly superior detection of the most frequently encountered restricted-items, while at the same time preserving the therapeutic environment. Faster and far more reliable screening than can be achieved with hand-wands or pat-down, Proscreen200 will detect the smallest ferromagnetic items such as needles, small blades, batteries, etc, including items that have been swallowed. Proscreen200 will enhance the safety of staff and patients in your facility, come and see for yourself at Booth 435.

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