2nd Call for Presentations

Design in Mental Health conference takes place on the 9th & 10th of June 2021. Now is the chance to have your say at the leading UK event focusing on the design, build, refurbishment, management and clinical provision of mental health environments.
Have your say at Design in Mental Health 2021.

The deadline for submissions have now closed.

NHS eye view

Covid-19 pandemic – what effect has the pandemic outbreak had on models of care, service delivery and the building?
We’d like to hear from Clinicians on how your service reacted to the requirements for isolation and social distancing.  Did the building help or hinder your efforts?
From estates departments what measures did you have to put in place to cope with requirements from clinical staff.
Moving forward how can design and the building assist in keeping staff and patients safe?  What adjustments need to be made?


How Covid-19 is impacting on the design of new mental health facilities

These are unchartered waters. What have we learnt so far and how will design respond?
We’d like to hear from service providers, architects and design teams who are currently designing new facilities.
What new requirements are you witnessing? How are you adapting the design and what future flexibility are you building into it?
Is the model of care and activity in the facility likely to change?


Zero Carbon Challenge –

If as a sector we are to respond the zero carbon challenge and help NHS Trust’s meet their commitments by 2050, then we must all collaborate, share knowledge and best practice now. We all have a part to play whether no matter how small we may think it is. For the Design in Mental Health 2021 conference we are asking for submissions which provoke thoughts, share guidance or showcase the best of products and projects being designed or delivered in the mental health sector.


Removal of Dormitories

We’ve heard this all before- what will make it happen this time round?
We’d like to hear from NHSI, trusts, architects, project managers and anyone else involved in these projects about how they are going about dorm eradication.
What are the challenges? What are the barriers? What are the consequences?
What solutions are you investigating? How does the money work? What are the possible outcomes?
That’s a lot of questions- are there any answers? Or maybe just reflections on the process?


Outdoor Spaces –

Let’s go outside – how health & wellbeing can be addressed with outdoor spaces.
We’d like to hear from landscape architects, designers and clinicians about how outdoor spaces have been used as part of a wider approach to health & wellbeing.
How important is outdoor space in overall facility design? How much space is enough – how you can make the most of small spaces?
What role did stakeholder engagement play in designing the perfect outdoor space? How can health & wellbeing outcomes from the use of outdoor space be measured?


Stakeholder Engagement –

It’s good to listen – innovative and engaging ways to involve stakeholders in decision making.
We’d like to hear from architects, product designers and project managers about how they have used stakeholder engagement to influence design.
How did you motivate stakeholders to contribute? What were the barriers to participation? How was the feedback/evidence used in practice?
What is the future for stakeholder engagement? How will technology increase stakeholder participation & impact?


Project Showcases

Transforming a patient’s environment can have such a positive impact. Tell us why your project is special.
We’d like to hear from service providers, architects and design teams.
What delight has been delivered? What problem has been resolved? What feedback has been received?
Regardless of the size of the project we are interested to understand how design has shaped the outcome and how the story developed along the way.

The deadline for submissions have now closed.