Call for Case Studies

You are invited to submit a proposal for a case study poster presentation at the Design in Mental Health exhibition at Manchester Central on 4 and 5 June 2024.

Case study posters should demonstrate a case study involving an NHS Trust showing an initiative, new build, refurbishment, technology, clinical practice, or any other improvement in care provision within a mental healthcare setting.

Please submit a 300-word abstract summarising the contents and main points of your proposed case study. Case study posters discussing a project or case study in a mental health setting should be submitted by the mental health provider, who should be the person who presents the poster at the event.

  • All Case Study posters must be in English.
  • Case Study posters should be submitted under the name and with the contact details of the people creating the poster.
  • More than one poster may be submitted by companies or individuals, but each should be a separate submission.
  • Case Study posters will be selected on the basis of quality, originality and relevance to the event.
  • The Design in Mental Health Advisory Group cannot accept marketing-derived posters, or those seeking to promote an individual, company, product or service.
  • Production of posters is the responsibility of the poster presenter.  The poster should be sent to the event organiser ahead of the event.  The event organiser will arrange the display of the poster – the originator may collect the poster at the venue at the end of the event.
  • Posters should be A0 size paper/card measuring 841mm in width by 1189mm in height. This cannot be exceeded and the poster must be presented in portrait format.
  • The poster presenter’s photograph should appear at the top right hand corner of the poster.
  • Poster originators who work in the NHS will be entitled to a free conference pass on the day that their poster is displayed.

The deadline for case study submissions is Monday 4 March 2024.

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